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Our team is led by Gabby Marshall, Founder and CEO of Gabby's Classroom, who has over 15 years of experience in education as a teacher, curriculum developer, and leader. Gabby brings a wealth of experience in leadership, having successfully led teaching teams, classrooms and educational programs throughout her career. She is dedicated to providing high-quality educational services to families and educators, and is passionate about creating an engaging and fun learning environment where students can flourish. Gabby and her team take the time to understand each student's needs and create a customized learning plan that's tailored to their strengths and goals.

Moreover, we are thrilled to introduce Ms. Mandy, who holds a pivotal position at Gabby's Classroom as our Communications and Enrollment Coordinator, also serving as our Admissions Officer. Ms. Mandy plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth communication and ensuring a seamless admissions and enrollment process for our esteemed students and their families. Her dedication aims to make their journey with us as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Our dedicated education team at Gabby's Classroom is composed of passionate professionals who are deeply committed to the growth and development of our students. With a wealth of experience in various educational domains, our team members are not just educators; they are mentors, guiding lights, and partners on your educational journey. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills and expertise, contributing to a diverse and enriching learning environment where students can flourish. We believe that a strong, supportive team is the foundation of a successful educational experience, and we're proud to have such a dedicated and talented group of individuals at the heart of Gabby's Classroom. Together, we are here to inspire, nurture, and empower every student to reach their full potential.



Founder & CEO

Ms. Gabby is a UK-trained teacher specializing in Early Years and Elementary education. With over 15 years of expertise in teaching and leadership across both public and independent schools. Her proficiency extends to phonics teaching, student assessments, private school readiness, and coaching educators and families. She enjoys travel, dining out, and sunny days the most. Driven by a perpetual curiosity for innovative teaching and learning methods, Gabby consistently upholds elevated standards for both students and fellow educators. Ms. Gabby is dedicated to nurturing students into confident and self-reliant learners, equipping them to excel in the world.


Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Over the past 15 years, Mandy has had the privilege of building a diverse and rewarding career in the international education sector. In Gabby's Classroom, she takes great pride in her ability to help students and parents navigate the admissions process with confidence and ease. Mandy possesses fluency in both Mandarin and English, a valuable asset that allows her to effectively assist students and parents in Gabby's Classroom, ensuring a seamless and confident journey through the admissions process.

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Shawn is an accomplished finance professional who meticulously manages all accounts behind the scenes at Gabby's Classroom. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, Shawn ensures that our financial records are kept in pristine order. His expertise in maintaining financial stability provides a solid foundation for our operations. Rest assured, Shawn's diligent work guarantees transparency and efficiency in our financial processes, allowing us to focus wholeheartedly on providing the best educational experience for your children.


Behavioural Wellness Facilitator and Educator

Ms. Jessie is a dedicated professional, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology/ HumanDevelopment and Family Science. She specializes in providing compassionate care andestablishing safe environments for individuals confronting mental health and behavioralchallenges. With a strong ability for active listening and rapport-building, Jessie excels in tailoring educational programs to meet the unique goals of her students, fostering trust throughout their holistic learning journey. Her expertise extends to promoting mental wellness and advocating forcomprehensive well-being. Leveraging play, art, and movement, she facilitates learning anddevelopment while demonstrating a strong commitment to understanding each student and familyon a personal level.

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Ms. Mary is an experienced ECE and Elementary teacher. She began her teaching journey at 21 as a teacher in a Montessori center later moving on to become a Montessori teacher in Elementary through High School. Ms. Mary has a vast knowledge of students various learning needs and adapts her teaching approach to ensure all students the best success. She is a patient and compassionate teacher and is dedicated to ensure that all student receive the attention and support that they need to thrive. Moreover, she has a passion for English language and literature and Mathematics and loves inspiring students to explore and appreciate the rich tapestry of written expression and the beauty of Mathematical skills. Ms. Mary supports students in being able to connect their learning to real world concepts.


Art Therapist and Educator

Ms. Janaline is a multifaceted individual whose journey weaves together diverse talents and roles. With ongoing training in Art Therapy, she skillfully wields creativity as a tool for self-discovery, fostering confidence, growth and well-being in students. Beyond this, she has excelled as an English Language Teacher, shaping confident communicators, and as a Ceramic Artist, crafting beauty from clay. From laying educational foundations as a Primary School Teacher to guiding students through language complexities as a Middle School English Teacher, Janaline's path radiates her dedication to holistic well-being and the transformative power of creative expression spanning the globe.




Ms. Rebecca is a dedicated educator with a passion for inclusive and special education. She brings four years of teaching experience. Currently pursuing her Masters in Special Education at the University of British Columbia, Rebecca is known for her open-minded and collaborative approach to teaching. She excels in creating a warm, inclusive classroom environment and is competent in supporting students with learning disabilities. She specializes in designing customized lesson plans and differentiated teaching methods to meet individual learning needs, all while setting high expectations for her students. Rebecca is fluent in three languages and her commitment to fostering a multilingual classroom environment sets her apart as an educator.



Ms. Carol holds a Master's in Early Childhood Education from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor's in Philosophy from the University of Southern California. As a dedicated educator, she excels in providing essay writing and tutoring services across various academic levels. Ms. Caroline's expertise extends to elementary math, social studies, English Literature and Language, and Humanities, where she offers valuable insights in essay editing, reading comprehension, and language development. Her commitment to strengthening students in communication and writing skills makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Ms. Simi is a passionate educator with a strong foundation in Elementary and High School Education, specializing in Mathematics and Science. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Mathematics Education at the University of British Columbia, and she has years of valuable teaching experience. In her role as a STEAM Workshop Instructor, engages students in hands-on learning experiences, fostering an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Ms. Simi shares her love for cooking and baking by running cooking classes for kids, where she not only imparts culinary skills but also promotes teamwork, organization, and creativity.



Ms. Ana is an experienced Early Years Educator with a passion for nurturing young minds. She has over ten years experience and has honed her teaching skills both indoors and outdoors. Children's boundless creativity and growth never cease to amaze her. Ms. Ana believes in hands-on, interactive, and inquisitive learning. Her teaching philosophy centers around meeting each child where they are in their learning journey, while encouraging them to strive for their best. When she's not inspiring students, you can find her exploring nature trails with her dog or trying out new restaurants in the city alongside her family and friends.

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Mr. Joshua is an experienced English as a Second Language teacher with a decade-long career teaching English in Japan. His extensive background encompasses various teaching roles, from instructing business English classes to conducting group lessons and lectures. Joshua has served as a kindergarten teacher, language teacher. Joshua's teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that students excel when they're having fun and when their individual passions are embraced. He understands that learning through one's interests is the most effective way to ensure engagement. With his rich teaching experience and commitment to creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment for students to achieve their goals.



Ms. Roelen is a dedicated educator whose philosophy centers on the belief that every student has the right to excel and receive a high-quality education. With a genuine passion for guiding students, she takes immense joy in collaborating with them to tailor their learning journeys. Her extensive background includes being a Resource, ECE, and Middle School Teacher. She has a deep familiarity with the diverse learning styles, interests, imagination, and abilities of all students. In addition to her teaching expertise, Ms. Roelen nurtures a passion for photography.

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Ms. Zen is a dedicated Gymnastics Coach and Support Professional with a BA (Hons) in Sociology and Family Studies. She excels in working with children of all ages, showcasing her passion for teaching and fostering a positive learning environment. In her role at Community Services Society, Ms. Zen provides vital support to at-risk children and youth, running diverse programs and undertaking general administrative duties. Additionally, as a Mental Health Support Worker , she offers around-the-clock assistance to residents, emphasizing her commitment to community well-being. Ms. Zen's educational background in Sociology and Family Studies from UBC, along with certifications like Foodsafe and First Aid/AED, underscores her holistic approach to teaching and supporting individuals. Her multifaceted experience and passion for gymnastics coaching make Ms. Zen a valuable asset to any educational team.



Ms. Neda is an experienced kindergarten and elementary teacher with a strong commitment to fostering a positive and dynamic learning environment. With over a decade of teaching experience, Neda brings advanced communication skills and a dedication to assessing student growth and creating individualized plans for student success. Her passion for education extends to her role as a creative and highly energetic Early Childhood Educator, where she offers diverse activity plans and experiential learning opportunities to enhance individual development. Neda's extensive background in education, combined with her advanced qualifications and dedication, makes her an invaluable asset in creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for all.

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